The Kaneland Arts Initiative is solely funded by the generous donations from a variety of sources.

Our donors come from foundations, grants, Kaneland School District Parent Associations, Individual Arts Patrons, In-Kind Donations, Corporate Sponsors, and TEAM KAI runners.

There are four ways you may designate your money to benefit the Kaneland Arts Initiative:

  • General Fund, where your contribution will go to ALL of KAI’s programs and Arts opportunities.
  • Business Sponsor if you are a business.
  • Scholarships, where your contribute can be given directly to benefit our two scholarships:
    • The Theresa Funke Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship – for a Kaneland graduating seniors who will work at the college/university level to achieve a degree in the Arts.
    • The Artfully Passionate Diane McFarlin Scholarship – for a Kaneland graduating senior who has contributed to the Arts while a student at Kaneland High School and is NOT working towards a degree in the Arts.
    • SPLIT your donation 50/50 to both scholarships.
  • TEAM KAI, where your contribution will be given in the name of one of our running club members raising funds for KAI by running in the 2019 Fox Valley Marathon.  For more information visit our TEAM KAI page.

Please consider donating to our non-profit organization so we may be able to continue to celebrate the arts in the Kaneland Community.  

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