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ANNIE Audition Results

Thank you for auditioning for the KAI Summer Theatre Production of ANNIE

We had a fantastic turnout and amazing talent!

All actors have been contacted and those offered a role have accepted.  Please contact us  (kai@kaneland.org) if you are interested in being a part of the backstage crew or in building sets or in volunteering during performances.



In order of appearance

Annie – Gianna Gooden

Molly – Kailey Kunstman

Pepper – Addison Runestad

Duffy – Victoria Romano

July – Clara Paulson

Tessie – Gwen Miller

Kate – Emma Kunstman

Miss Hannigan – Alex Herbert

Bundles – Zach Eckhardt

Apple Seller – Christian Herrero

Assistant Dog Catcher – Carinah Herrero

Dog Catcher – Ally McPhee

Lieutenant Ward – Philip Paulson

Sophie – Kim Schomer

Grace Farrell – Rachel Miller

Drake – Stephen Hommowun

Mrs. Greer – Robyn Lycan

Mrs. Pugh – Mo Gannon

Cecille – Laura Venneri

Annette – Ainsley Kintz

Oliver Warbucks – Thomas Jesse

Star To Be – Aimee Frost

Rooster – Leo Espinosa

Lily St. Regis – Taylor Heiser

Bert Healy – Stephen Hommowun

Sound Effects Man – Philip Paulson

Wacky/Fred McCracken – Patrick Murphy

Ronnie Boylan – Mary Kunstman

Bonnie Boylan – Trisha Mills

Connie Boylan – Beth McDonald

Janie Johnson – Jordyn Withey

NBC Page – AJ Lemus

Ickes – Josh Herrero

Perkins – Lanita VanderShaaf

Hull – Patrick Murphy

Morganthau – Campbell Heiser

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Peter Lopatin

Howe – Caitrin Mills

Judge Brandeis – Caitrin Mills


Brigid Gannon, Zoe Gannon, Shelby Heck, Brynn Humm, Aeryn Hwang, Tiffany Johnson, Natalie Lycan, Lexie McCornack, Naomi Paulson, Zoe Paulson, Lexi Wimmer, Gabby Ziemba


Zack Eckhardt, Madi Edwards, Gloria Elliot, Aimee Frost, Mo Gannon, Campbell Heiser, Carinah Herrero, Christian Herrero, Joshua Herrero, Ainsley Kintz, Mary Kunstman, AJ Lemus, Robyn Lycan, Beth McDonald, Ally McPhee, Caitrin Mills, Trisha Mills, Kara Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Philip Paulson, Kim Schomer, Lanita VanderShaaf, Laura Venneri, Jordyn Withey

Come see show July 13 – 15 & 20 – 22!




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