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Festival Time! from the desk of the Executive Director

Festival Time is my favorite time of year.  The Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival is the founding and signature event of the Kaneland Arts Initiative.  In fact, until 2013, our organization was called “The Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival.”  From a small art fair held at one of the elementary schools to a thriving award-winning festival that hosts 20 professional artists, 100 volunteers, 500 pieces of student artwork, and 3,000 guests.

We’ve come a long way, baby, and have SO much to be proud about.

Won’t you join us?


This year, I had the privileged of contracting all of the artists for the Festival, and as stressful it was at times, it was a source of much pride for me.

“We’re in our 19th year,” I’d say to the artists who we wanted for this year.  Not a lot of organizations can say that.  We have consistently brought thousands of patrons each year since 2005.  Ten years felt like a huge feet, but now, as we border our 20th anniversary, I feel we can honestly say to potential artists, “We’ve got a good thing going here.”

And it’s true.  When I walk through art fairs looking for potential artists, I often find an artist who has been waiting for an invitation from us.  They know other artist friends who have told them, “I hope you get picked for that event.”  I love going to BIG Chicago art fairs and getting a hug from an artist who is on our roster of Festival alumni.

Don’t forget our performing artists – they are truly spectacular!  We’ve had Grammy nominated artists and actors who have been all over the world.  Even the student performers are outstanding, often times performing the same caliber as the professionals.  This year, our closing act is a champion in his field and once performed on Late Night with Dave Letterman.

SO, in a few short days, we will be at the 19th Annual Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival.  In the midst of all the large crowd, the talent, the sights, and sounds, I hope I find …. YOU!  Your presence there will add to our Artful Adventure and enhance the Creative Celebration of the  day!  May you be filled with the Beauty of the Arts!



See you on Sunday,


Maria Y. Dripps-Paulson

Executive Director, Kaneland Arts Initiative




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