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Practically Perfect! A nanny, a chimney sweep, and the family on Cherry Tree Lane

Upon meeting their new nanny, Jane and Michael learn that Mary Poppins is practically perfect:

“I’m practically perfect in every way,
Practically perfect that’s my forte,
Uncanny nannies are hard to find,
Unique yet meek unspeakably kind ……. I’m so practically perfect in every way” (Mary Poppins the Broadway Musical)

Bringing the classic book turned timeless movie and beautifully artistic staged muscial to life, Mary Poppins will burst onto the Kaneland Auditorium stage July 15 – 17 and 22 – 24, 2016 as the Kaneland Arts Initiative Kaneland Community Summer Theatre Production.  Directed by the wildly talented team of Diane McFarlin and Peter Lopatin, the 7th annual summer musical promises to showcase a large, multi-generational cast and the Kaneland Auditorium in new and exciting ways.

“This will be our biggest production yet,” says KAI executive director, Maria Dripps-Paulson, “The cast is big, the pit orchestra is big, and the set is big.”  Diane McFarlin, director of many KAI theatre productions as well as artistic director of the organization says, “Normally, we announce the show in February.  However, we are going to start production on this show earlier than past years, so we want everyone to know what our show is now so they can make plans if they would like to audition or participate in any way.”  Dripps-Paulson went on to say, “A show of this magnitude will need the support of the community.  We are sending out our corporate sponsorship campaign this week and look forward to welcoming our regular businesses and new ones as sponsors.”

This year, patrons will be able to purchase a subscription to KAI’s theatrical events, which includes the production of Mary Poppins.  Subscription packages will officially go on sale on Sunday, September 27th.  The Kaneland Arts Inititative website (www.kanelandartsinitaitive.org) will have more details as they come available and questions may be directed to Maria Dripps-Paulson.

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