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The Stage is Set for the Festival – from the Desk of the Executive Director

The week of the Festival is usually one of personal deprivation, overwhelming stress, deadlines, and “to do” lists.  In between those moments are fleeting, yet growing moments of extreme Joy and Elation, EXCITEMENT, and AntCIpaTiOn!!

It’s GO time!

April 6 – 11th is Festival Week.  We’re here.  It’s time!  Let the Anticipation BEGIN!  This year’s Festival is shaping up to be one of the best years yet!  Now I KNOW it’s something I say every year, but truly, each year feels better than the last.  It might be the lack of sleep and the list upon list upon LIST that I’m staring at, but I am truly excited for April 12th.

Here’s why:

Festival Schedule 2015

These artists, whether they are professional or amateur, are excited, too!  They cannot wait to meet you and to see this annual and award-winning event!  They cannot wait to share their Art and celebrate with those who appreciate it!  Over 500 pieces of student artwork is display!  The circus is coming!  Tap dancing!  A harp!  So much to see and do!

SO, throughout this week, I’ll post a feature on an artist or a group.  I hope you’ll visit back to get a closer look at the amazing artists that will be at the Festival this year on Sunday, April 12th from 11am – 6pm!  Download the 2015 Festival Schedule and begin to plan your Artful Adventure!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at the Festival!

Maria Y. Dripps-Paulson

Executive Director, Kaneland Arts Initiative

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