6th Annual KAI Fine Arts Feast & Silent Auction

YOU are cordially invited to the 6th Annual KAI Fine Arts Feast and Silent Auction!  

6 years ago, our planning committee was hashing and rehashing ways to raise money through individual patrons for the Kaneland Arts Initiative.  On the brainstorming table, we had thrown down ideas from restaurant nights to calling all of our students’ and former students’ families to beg for a donation.  I suggested that we hold a dinner to explain what we do and provide entertainment with the talented people around the table.  During the evening, I mentioned (I was on a roll!), we’d ask for a free will donation, because after the yummy dinner (“who’s going to make this dinner, Maria?” “Why we will, of course!  It’ll save us money!”), amazing explanation, and wonderful entertainment, people would practically throw their money at us to be some of the first KAI Individual Arts Patrons.  I ended with a lot of head nodding and a big smile, managing to hold back the jazz hands and the “Ta Da!”

I was met with silence … not a sound in the room … just frozen stares on the faces of my friends and committee members clearly broadcasting how crazy the idea was.

After a few stammering starts to try to talk me off the wall, a committee member, Diane McFarlin’s voice cut through, “It’s brilliant.  Grass roots – just what we are.  You’ll talk about KAI, we’ll all provide entertainment, but we’re not cooking the food and we don’t have a place to host it.”  The room was starting to energize to the idea of inviting friends, families, former students, Kaneland staff, and perfect strangers who needed to know what KAI is and does and the wonderful mission it accomplishes year after year.  At the very next meeting, we had a venue, Open Range Southwest Grill Restaurant, inviting us to use their banquet room and offering to make our dinner for us at no charge.  There’s never been a question that the planning committee of the Kaneland Arts Initiative is filled with creative and resourceful people, passionate about sharing all that is KAI.

The first Fine Arts Feast was a rousing success and now is very much a part of our season as any one of our performances.

Won’t you consider joining us at the 6th Annual KAI Fine Arts Feast and Silent Auction?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Open Range Southwest Grill Restaurant

Bliss Creek Golf Course

1 Golfview Road

Sugar Grove, Illinois 60554

5:30 pm Cash Bar

6:30 pm Dinner & Program

$10 tickets (per person)

During the evening, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Kaneland Arts Initiative, bid on amazing auction items, participate in a cork pull for a bottle of wine, and contribute to this important endeavor.

Your donation to the Kaneland Arts Initiative is 100% tax deductible.

 Performances by KAI staff and Special Guests!

Seating is limited to the first 150 guests and families are welcome!

We look forward to seeing you on February 20th!

2 comments on “6th Annual KAI Fine Arts Feast & Silent Auction

  1. Looking forward to this evening again this year. Put me down as a “yes”.

  2. We are so excited that you are coming, Ellen! 🙂

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