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What a Night! – from the Desk of the Executive Director

Here is the Class Roster of the amazing cast of KAI’s 1st Annual SHOUT OUT!  Excited about Education, which was held on Monday, November 17th in the Kaneland Auditorium.

Program Cover Cast

Each of these fine individuals told a story.  A story of their experience with education and learning and our audience was delighted, challenged, and entertained.  Here’s what a few of audience members said to me after attending the event or watching the live streaming video …

I watched the online stream of “Shout Out” and wow! I really enjoyed it, and I hope it will turn into an annual event. It was so incredible to hear all of the stories and points of view. Congratulations on a great show!

I was blown away by this inspirational event. Please hold it again next year! I can’t wait to share it will all of my teacher friends.

This was a wonderful event – funny, touching, personal and powerful. Kudos to EVERYONE who made this possible! A great way to kick off National Educators Week!

Halfway through the night, I thought to myself, “I wish I had done this!”  Next year, count me in!

What I love the most about the event is the combination of written word and performance to create a unique experience for each person who attended.  From a cast member’s point of view, I loved learning more about these people and listening to their words come alive in their delivery.  It was a very special moment for me, when my son spoke.  His insecurity in his academics is his writing, yet his clever, creatively designed piece along with his practiced performance made more than his mother a little teary-eyed.

I would like to personally thank, Diane McFarlin, who was a brilliant director (as always), but truly put her heart into this production.

We hope that you will consider sharing your story with us next year!  And if you get a chance this week (and every week), find a person in education that you can THANK for their service.  Happy American Education Week!

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