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Let me introduce to you, Laura McPhee, a 2014 SHOUT OUT! Cast Member!

Laura McPhee

LAURA MCPHEE is no stranger to working in the auditorium, but new to standing on stage.  Her last speaking role was her wedding 29 years ago and there were no microphones!  She is more comfortable in the box office or in her current role working in Kaneland High School’s Student Services Department and prefers to keep the stage free for the experts.  In fact, she would much rather be walking her dog (“She’s so ugly, no one else will adopt her. Can we please have her, Mom?”), Hazel, than frantically trying to remember not to shake too much in the spotlight.  Laura is so passionate about education that she has put her fears aside so she can continue to learn something new every day, like how to do a mic check.  Now that’s exciting!

Laura is a hard working individual who always greets you with a smile!  Here’s what she said when I interviewed her:

  • What is your educational background? I have a degree from Northwestern Business College
  • What is your occupation? I work as the secretary for the best department and the best people at Kaneland High School – Student Services!
  • Do you have a favorite story, that you’re not sharing at the SHOUT OUT, from school? In third grade, we took a field trip to a farm in the country (all the way out to St Charles).  A goat kept trying to climb onto my lap. The farmer said that he probably thought I was his mother.  I was so proud. I later learned, it was because one of the boys in class put some of the crust from his pb&j sandwich in the hood of my jacket. That goat followed me the entire time we were there.
  • Did you have a favorite teacher in school?  If so, why was he/she a favorite? – Yes, my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Petersen. She had a niece in Connecticut who was in 2nd grade too.  We were matched up with a pen pal from their class.  I was matched up with Julie Walters, who I later met when we were both in college.  Today we are still pen pals, through email. I always thought that was really special.
  • What was your least favorite subject in school?  Math, because it always kept me from making the high honor roll 😦
  • Who do you see as the hardest working part of the educational system?  The special services department in any public school is extremely hard working.  Their creativity and differentiated instruction, whether it’s core subject matter or life skills, is extremely time consuming.  They constantly try to find ways to make the hard to teach student, successful.  
  • Who would you like to hear at our next SHOUT OUT?  I would like to hear from Barb Messina (3rd grade at Blackberry Creek Elementary School).  Mrs. Messina is a great story teller, great teaching just oozes out of her.
  • Did you take a bus or walk to elementary school?  Bus – Field trips downtown and singing “99 bottles of beer” on the wall.  Teachers and chaperones sang with us, we would try it as a pop song, then country and if time allowed, opera.
  • What excites you most about education? Those Ah-Ha moments – whether it’s a student or a teacher, we all have them and when you witness one, it’s pretty memorable.

I hope that you will come see Laura read her speech, Honor Roll, on Monday, November 17th at 7:00 pm in the Kaneland Auditorium.  All tickets are $5 at www.kaneland.org or at the box office.

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