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Meet Ellen Weidner, a 2014 SHOUT OUT! Cast Member!

Ellen Weidner

Ellen Weidner is an 82 year old creative optimist who plays piano by ear, sings whenever she feels like it and has acted in her first musical at the age of 78. She was seen as Mrs. Squires, one of the Pick a Little Ladies in KAI’s first summer musical, “The Music Man.” She is a perfect example of living the adage: “It is never too late to explore, learn and do the things you love.” She is thrilled to be on stage again tonight sending love to her family with huge amounts of gratitude to the Kaneland Arts Initiative for inspiring and educating young and old alike.

I asked her a couple of questions for you to have the opportunity to get to know her a bit better …

  • What is your educational background?  I went to the local business college after high school.
  • Do you have any favorite teachers?  Mrs. Lorraine Zenk, but you’ll hear about her in my speech …
  • In elementary school, did you walk or ride your bike?  Hey, in my day, we walked to school (uphill both ways!!).
  • Do you have any funny memories of school?  I would always wear a white dish towel on my head so my hair would stay nice when I got to school.  It was folded down on my forehead to make me look like a nun.
  • What excites you most about education?  I know that it’s so very important that each child has the chance for the best education possible for the sake of him/herself and our country to make us the best and strongest and to have the greatest future.

I hope that you will come see Ellen read her speech, School Days, on Monday, November 17th at 7:00 pm in the Kaneland Auditorium.  All tickets are $5 at www.kaneland.org or at the box office.

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