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Here we GO!

Today, we unveiled our new name and our new website on Facebook, which if you’re reading this, you’ve discovered!

WELCOME to the new chapter of bringing Fine Arts to the Kaneland Community!

Wonder why we chose to change the name?

First – the name was confusing!  Back in 1998 when the very first Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival was hosted in one of the Kaneland Elementary Schools, it made perfect sense to call it the Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival.  Once we began to add events throughout the year, people became confused when we tried to explain that the Festival was an event as well as the production organization.  We often found OURSELVES confused!  Thus the need to clarify the organization versus the event.

Second – the name was TOO LONG!  K-A-N-E-L-A-N-D C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y … well you get the idea.  In short, we felt we could be more succinct.

Wonder why we chose “Kaneland Arts Initiative”?

Kaneland – Well, that goes without saying, right?

Arts – The plural word “Arts” is currently used to name all of the four traditional Fine Arts (Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre) as well as covering others that haven’t been previously classified as Arts (culinary, literary, etc.).

Initiative – This word is a word of Action.  Just as the Kaneland School District took the initiative to have a fine arts festival that invited patrons to interact with professional artists at no cost while showcasing the artwork of students throughout the district, the Kaneland Arts Initiative is an active partner with the Kaneland School District to bring quality fine arts to our community.

With the acronym “KAI,” the Kaneland Arts Initiative will continue to bring the Arts to the Kaneland Community through performances, artist in residencies, and interactive events.  We welcome you along in our continuing journey exploring, discovering, and celebrating the Arts.

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